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Brain Development by Juggling, Part 2

Well, It’s time to reveal the results! At the direction of Paul and Susan Phariss with Brain Fitness Strategies, I have been juggling for a little over 3 weeks for 10 minutes a day at the frequency of about 4 times a week.

Brain Fitness Strategies offers a drug-free solution to overcoming learning disabilities in young children, teenagers, and even adults. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD / ADHD) is a term few people haven’t heard of, and it’s been around long enough for grown-ups well into adulthood to suffer at the hand of ADD and many other learning disabilities. We learn to cope, we work around it, and we take drugs; that’s just what we do, right?

When I was a teenager – I’d say around 15 or 16 – I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. I have never liked school or any type of formal education regardless of the subject (although I do love math and English) and it has always been something I’ve just worked around and made adjustments to get past. What else is there to do? I had trouble sitting still in school, church, and pretty much anything that required my undivided attention. As an adult, I am one of the fortunate few that gets to do something that I consider exciting and engaging to make a living, so my work keeps me interested most of the time. Plus, my skill-set involves graphic design, web design, video editing, audio production,  Internet marketing, and the overall operation of Innovated Media. So, if I don’t feel like working on a website, I’ll just spend the day editing video or working on a print project for a client. My job is versatile in that way, so there is always something new to keep my attention on what it needs to be on. It’s not a solution by any means, and I still have problems focusing on my work from time to time. Other times I am flat out bored and have trouble motivating myself to work. Those are bad days.

However, since I started juggling at the beginning of this month, work has been a real enjoyment to me. The knots in my neck and back have not bothered me because I have been able to keep my stress level down considerably as a result of having a more centered mental focus to manage a lot of moving parts and multiple projects. The quality of my designs have noticeably improved, and some of the people I work with have noticed. The bottom line is: I can tell a big difference from just 3 weeks of juggling. It’s crazy, I know! Paul and Susan Phariss with www.brainfitnessstrategies.com told me about medical studies have shown that juggling has been proven to create new brain cells in adults, and I don’t know all of the semantics or scientific research that went behind those studies, but I know from experience that it has made a difference.

Juggling is fun, and a great drug-free way to bring yourself (or your kids) up to a new level of brain power. It’s a good mental break on a stressful day - much better than taking a smoke break, running to Quik Trip to get a 60 ounce soda, or surfing the web.

Have a Ball Learning Book

A good way to get started is to purchase Paul’s book, Have a Ball Learning. In the book, Paul shares his story of how juggling and rhythmic movement training unlocked the part of his brain that was blocking his inability to read and function on a level that average people take advantage of every day. Have a Ball Learning teaches you how to juggle, discusses dieting tips to supplement the right nutrients that your brain needs to take advantage of the new activity you are engaging in, and much more.

I’m not saying I am cured, but I have noticed a huge difference, and that’s enough for me. It has positively affected one of the things I love spending my time doing, which is working and running Innovated Media.

I’d like to encourage you to get a copy of Paul’s book, Have a Ball Learning. Start juggling yourself and teach your kids to juggle. If you own a business, consider having Paul and Susan come and speak to your staff and hold a workshop or two on how to juggle and explain the benefits of taking a few minutes a day to invest in their brain development. Wouldn’t it be worth it to invest into your employees – to empower them to be the best that they can be and maximize their potential to increase their performance level on the job? Think about it.

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