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Tulsa Website Design Templates

These designs are not for sale or reproduction without our expressed written consent. All of our website designs were designed and hand-crafted by Innovated Media.

Many times, our clients have a pretty good idea what they want their website to look like before they come to us. It could be a competitor's website that catches their eye, or another website they really like that relates to the same industry that they are in. Since the design phase of a new website project seems to be the slowest part of the process, we have found that many of our clients have changed their minds about what they wanted after they looked at our portfolio.

On this page you'll find several different website templates that can be used in WordPress, Joomla, or in Dreamweaver (which we will manage). Basicaly, what you are looking for is the basic layout; the placement of the navigation, submenus, content area, and footer.

These templates can be modified to:

  • Incorporate your logo
  • Match any color scheme that goes with your logo
  • Change navigation menus to accommodate the pages on your website
  • Look nothing like the template that you see below. Once we update the design to match your organization, you'll still have a unique look that separates you from your competitors online.
Website Template 1

Website Template 2

Website Template 3

church website template
Custom website template
WordPress Website Design
Website Template 4

Website Template 5

WordPress Website Templates
WordPress website template